История Кирилла и Филиппа Ревега
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История Кирилла и Филиппа Ревега

История Кирилла и Филиппа Ревега

Участники программы Work and Travel USA 2014 года.

Hi, dear CIEE. Our names are Kirill and Philipp Revega, we are identical twins from Russia and everybody call us just “TWINS”. We are 20 years old. We are participants of CIEE Summer Work and Travel program 2013 and 2014.We want to share our story with you and all students that will take part in this program in future. We want to do this coz for past two year we spent in USA we DID ALMOST everything. To tell the truth we even overfilled our “List of thing to do in the USA”. Ok, let’s go!

We worked two summers at the Crown Reef Resort, Myrtle Beach, SC,29577. This is a really BEAUTIFUL and HUGE resort. Employees are friendly there, everybody respect each other so we like it so far and we never had problems with anybody. So work was going really good. We liked city and the place where we work so we can recommend it to you!

Okay let’s talk about our adventures and activities we take part in summer 2013. We are great fans of Justin Bieber, we respect his creation and lifestyle, that’s why we decided to go see his tour “Believe” last summer. We went to his concert in Jacksonville, FL. Local news channel catch us up on the street and record a video about us, and later on they put us in the news and people were stopping us and they’ve been asking questions and they have been asking to take a photo with us. The concert was AWESOME! We just can not describe it in words! Justin Bieber it’s a different story, we can talk about him for hours. Also last summer we went to “The XX” concert. They are not really famous but they do a really good MUSIC, and probably they are our famous bang group. In the middle of summer 2013 we decided to go to COLOMBIA which is in South America. We stayed at city called Cartagena on Caribbean sea. We spent there 7 days and we really liked it. We saw the city, we went to few excursions to the wild beautiful Islands, so it was really cool. We tried traditional Colombian food and coffee and it was so so so delicious. It was a really good time! And the last trip of our previous summer was trip from Myrtle Beach to New York thru Washington DC and Niagara Falls. We spent 1 day in Washington DC, we visited lots of museums, we saw The White House, Lincoln and Capitol. Next day we spent in Niagara Falls. We did not see a lot of falls in our life so Niagara gave us new emotions and feelings.

Here is the story of Summer 2014. We got a lot of American experience: we used to live in an American family, we had a lot of family dinners, we did grill and steaks, we went on a little vacation together to Savannah, GA and to Charleston, SC. We did pretty much everything. As a result after all this time we improved our English very well and right now we do not have any problems with English. As BIG fans of American music we continued visiting concerts in summer 2014 and we’ve seen a lot of American singers and celebrities such as: Katy Perry, Bruno Mars, Lady Gaga, Lil Wayne, Drake, Miley Cyrus, Capital Cities, Aloe Blacc. We had an opportunity to see in person: Macklemore, T-Pain, Jared Leto (frontman of 30 Seconds To Mars). We told you before that we are BIG FANS of Justin Bieber, he is OUR BEST SINGER. So in the beginning of this summer, when we just got here, we saw Justin very very close and he even posted one of us to his Instagram page. You could not imagine how happy we were that day!!! That was the BEST DAY in our LIFE! We did selfies with all of the celebrities we saw and all of you guys, who is reading it, can check on it in our Instagram (@twinsfromrussia ) and YouTube ( youtube.com/user/N1Noobtubers ). About our Instagram and YouTube, by the way. Our social pages are full of videos about our adventures, interesting situations and just some funny things in the United States of America. Do not miss it if you are a participant of the program and you are ready to go for your first time because there is also stuff which will teach you something.

Some of our friends called us “Crazy” and we do not know why Okay there is a story which explains why it might be that way… One day we found out that there is a Sky Diving school in North Myrtle Beach in the neighbor city, and we right away told each other that we definitely do Sky Diving, because that thing was in our “Bucket List” ! So there was no talking anymore we just called them and asked to put us in schedule. So we went there took some lessons and after it was a time for a first jump, to tell the truth it was REALLY scary. We were doing AFF course that’s where you jump alone with nobody attached to you. It was not a Tandem Jump. At one point we were like: “Maybe it’s right time to stop, what are we doing?! We are excellent students back in our country” But the STAFF of the school kept saying that it’s pretty safe and nobody died during their 10 years of practice. And there is one more thing. We did Sky Diving separately, and it was shocking to us because we almost never ever separated and now the sky was separating us, and everything might happen. So that was a crazy part of us, maybe that’s why some people called us crazy. But we did it and now we were kind of good in Sky Diving. Later on we did our second jump.

This summer we traveled a lot more and we went to Atlanta, GA ; Columbia, SC; Charlotte, NC ; Raleigh, NC. As you can see, we really like to travel but since our passports were stolen in the beginning of the program we just could not go anywhere out of the country. But we planned to go to Dominican Republic or to Honduras. Maybe it was a sign not to go. Lol. After we finished working we went to Los Angeles where we spent 10 days and saw a lot of places of interest. And the last step of our trip was New York. We saw almost everything in this city but we just like NY and that’s why we decided to spend there one more week just to look around, watch people, just be there. We visited concert of “Bastille”, saw brand new “Freedom tower” and some more places.

That’s how we spent our summers. We were really glad to tell y’all our story. We HOPE it will help somebody! If you want to see photos and videos just go to our YouTube and Instagram. You can see the links above.

Talking about experience we learned we can tell that we learned a lot and we learned it very good. After this summer we were able to travel thru all over the world alone without parents, without any help. Coz before we used to travel a lot with our parents and were always wondering how they were doing it so easy. Now we can do it on our own and we think it’s all about the opportunity that u gave us. Also we learned how to take care of your problems alone, when nobody can help you instead of you. That was a good lesson too. And we learned how to cook good, so when we come back our mommy will be so glad to know that. Dear CIEE we want to say you “ Thank You So Much ”, we appreciate it! You are the BEST company. Also we want to say thank you to our local agency “ Star-Travel ” in Russia which helped us to DO IT! Best wishes, your TWINS.





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