История Дианы Жуковой
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История Дианы Жуковой

История Дианы Жуковой

Участница программы Work and Travel USA 2014 года.

My name is Diana Zhukova. I spent this summer in the USA. I was working and living in Massachusetts, not far from Boston. I spent a lot of my free time in Boston, I visited all sights in Boston. The Museum of Fine Arts is the best art museum where I was. I liked the main park in Boston. It’s called Boston Commons. I enjoyed walking in this park and in the downtown of Boston. Unfortunately, I and my friend didn't find a time to walk on the Boston freedom trail. I hope I will come back to Boston and walk on the trail.

I met very kind people in the USA. All of them are my friends now. I will be glad to see my American friends in Russia. I invited them and I'm waiting for them.

I and my Russian friend, who lived with me had chance to travel around United States in September. Our trip began on the 5th of September. The first time we visited Washington D.C. We were happy because the entrance to all museums in Washington D.C. is free. That's why we visited all museums in Washington D.C. After Washington D.C. we had a flight to Orlando. We stayed one day in Orlando and we visited just Disney World. It was good, but I think I'm too adult for that. I want to visit Disney World in future when I have children. I think they will like it. From Orlando we went to Miami by bus. The Atlantic Ocean is amazing in Miami. We had two days on the beach in Miami.

Then we flew to Los Angeles. The East Coast I liked more. The Pacific Ocean was colder than the Atlantic. But we had a lot of fun in California, because we visited Universal Studios and Warner Brothers Studios. It was very interesting and we took good pictures in Los Angeles. My favorite picture is with Hollywood Hills. In Los Angeles we took a bus to San Francisco. I didn't like San Francisco because the weather was very bad that day.

Our next stop was Chicago. I liked Chicago a lot. The Millennium Park is beautiful. The Cloud Gate is amazing. We were on the Sky Deck. I was scared, but I wanted to look down at the city from a height of 1,353 feet and I seated on the glass floor on the Sky Deck. It was awesome.

And the last stop of our trip was New York. I don't know why all my friends don't like New York. New York is a dirty and busy city. But I liked New York. I think I liked the lifestyle of New York.

In conclusion, I want to say that Work and Travel program is awesome. It is a good chance to see the country and to improve your language. By the way, I think I improved my English. I want to say thanks to all people, who help international students to visit the USA. I will miss and remember all good moments, which I had in America.

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