История Дарьи Климовской
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История Дарьи Климовской

История Дарьи Климовской

Участница программы Work and Travel USA 2014 года.

Before taking part in Work and Travel program I visited the USA just once. I spent two weeks in New York. After that i understood that it is not enough to know this country. Everything was exciting!

And I decided to come back. W&T gave me this opportunity. It was the greatest culture experience in my life and the best summer.

I worked in the Death Valley national park. It was amazing. So beautiful and different nature, so friendly people. There was extremely hot, but it wasn't a big deal for us. We had nice houses and everything what we needed. My co-workers were very nice. They always invited us to parties and barbecue, provided excursions for us around the park. We visited Las Vegas twice. It was a great time!

And a head of Human Resources department Steve took us to Whitney mountain - the highest mountain in continental America. It was so beautiful there. I have never seen something like that.

Moreover I met a lot of new friends this summer. Now I am invited to Taiwan, Poland, Italy, UK. It is so excited to have so many friends around whole world!

I really liked those days when we all cooked our national food and invited friends. It was nice to try so many new things.

The time of work finished so fast and we were ready to travel. We all have chosen different ways. I went with some friends to Miami. It was great! So beautiful beaches and the warm blue ocean, looking like a paradise. We spent there about one week. We have visited the zoo, safari park and Key Biscayne islands. Moreover we met one American family who invited us to have dinner with them.

My last point was Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Just two days. I met my Russian friend there. And we saw walk of fame, Kodak theater, Chinese theater. Of course we bought a lot of things. But I like LA because one of my dreams from childhood came true there. I saw the famous house from Charmed TV show. I was so happy!

And I am happy now because I had this experience, I had the best and the most memorable summer in my life, I know so many interesting things about the USA and American people, and I can share it with my friends in Russia.



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