История Андрея Зайцева
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История Андрея Зайцева

История Андрея Зайцева

Участник программы Work and Travel USA 2014 года.

So, my American experience is over and I can tell you something about it. Firstly, my name is Andrey I'm from Moscow, Russia. The first time when I get to the US I was shocked about human behaviour because difference between cultures feels truly desperately, forwards I understood the good and bad sides of American mentality and accepted it. I've got a big pleasure to see the positive and smiling people, high-organized corporate culture, specific culture and great many interesting things.

About one part I wanna tell you separately: CIEE leadership summit in Washington D.C. 4-7 of August. Of course I was excited to know that I won this trip. But I didn't expect that it would be so amazing. I've met 71 people from 36 countries, we got to know each other and we were doing workshops together, having fun together and discovering Washington together. In general one quality united us - passion and open mind. In conclusion I can say that it was truly important and bright experience but not without difficulties, sometimes I was suffering because of homesick, hard work, and absence of people with whom I could share my feelings. But I overcame it and now I have interesting part of my life behind that I can share with my future kids.

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